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Guided Tour of Naples Underground from Quartieri Spagnoli

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1 hr.
Guided Tour
  • Step into a world of labyrinthine tunnels under the bustling streets of Naples with an expert English or Italian-speaking guide.
  • Uncover fascinating histories and mysteries as you explore the underground path full of tanks and cavities.
  • Discover the ancient cisterns through which water was provided to the city above.
  • Learn about the curiosities of the underground weather, a result of insufficient communication with the outside.
  • Find out how the underground provided shelter to the city's population during the second world war.

This ticket has the following options that you can choose from:

  • English Guided Tour
  • Italian Guided Tour
  • You can cancel these tickets up to 24 hours before the experience begins and get a full refund.

Guided Tour of Naples Underground from Piazza San Gaetano

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Flexible Duration
Guided Tour
  • Explore what lies beneath the lively streets of Naples on this must-do guided tour of its historic heart, the Underground.
  • Along with an expert English & Italian-speaking guide, learn about the city from a completely unique perspective.
  • Located 40-meters below the bustling city, discover the true origins of Napoli through excellently-preserved tunnels.
  • Delve into 2,400 years of history as you navigate through passages built of yellow tufa stone.
  • This building material was the most common one used in the historical architecture of Naples.
  • Major events like World War II have left their mark on the Underground walls as it served as an air raid shelter for more than 5,000 people.
  • Witness the effects of history and time and more as your guide shares in-depth stories about one of the city's most fascinating highlights.
  • English Guided Tour
  • Italian Guided Tour
  • It's recommended to wear comfortable shoes as this experience involves a fair amount of walking.
  • The English guided tour is not guaranteed every day. Please check directly at the entrance time and availability.
  • You can cancel these tickets up to 24 hours before the experience begins and get a full refund.

Walking Tour of Naples Historic City Center & San Gaetano Underground Tour

Free Cancellation
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Mobile Ticket
2 hr. 30 min.
Guided Tour
  • Walk through the streets of Naples's historic City Centre on this immersive guided tour.
  • Admire the stories, experiences, flavors, and traditions experienced by the locals.
  • Explore all the city's highlights made up of historic palaces, enchanting squares, churches, and monasteries.
  • Travel to an underground world of this city that is over 2400 years old, revealing the true multicultural foundation of Neopolis.
  • Hear about the histories soaked in the walls of this underground world, from the Ancient Greek era to today's world.
  • The duration of the tour is 2 hours and 30 mins.
  • This tour is available in English and Italian.
  • It's recommended to wear comfortable clothing along with walking shoes as there is a fair amount of walking involved in this tour.
  • Bring along your pets as they are allowed on this tour.
  • The experience is not recommended for wheelchair users, and people with mobility issues.
  • You can cancel these tickets up to 24 hours before the experience begins and get a full refund.

Visiting Naples Underground, an Underground City in Italy 

Famous for its iconic Neapolitan pizza made with just tomato and mozzarella, Naples is also known as a storehouse of ancient Greek and Roman heritage. The Naples Underground is one such fascinating ancient landmark that draws hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. It offers a different view of the city from 40m below. The Naples Underground is a mark of the exemplary craftsmanship and ingenuity of the ancient Greeks to create a ‘Neapolis’ or new city under the ground. 

A history buff’s haven, Naples Underground, or Napoli Sotterranea as locals call it, is a series of tunnels dug underneath the city of Naples. Constructed around the 4th century BC, the underground tunnels and Roman waterways are crucial elements of the city’s 2500 years of history. Read on to know more about the Napoli Sotterranea, how to reach there, how to book Naples Underground tickets, timings, and other information that will help you plan your visit. 

Why Visit Naples Underground?

Naples Underground Tickets

Historical Significance

The Napoli Sotterranea is a perfect embodiment of the ingenious construction of the ancient Greeks to create a city under the ground. The later Greeks and Romans turned the tunnels into aqueducts that were used to safeguard citizens during the Second World War. 

Naples Underground Tickets -  Life Underneath

Life Underneath

The Hypogeum Gardens is nothing short of a miracle. It is a vegetable garden growing in the depths of the Earth, in a seemingly less than ideal plant environment. Environmentalists presume it is the lack of pollution and smog that has enabled it to prosper.

Naples Underground Tickets - Architectural Marvel

Architectural Marvel

The Naples Underground is a collection of tunnels and pathways that are reminiscent of the city’s ancient heritage. Some remaining bunker beds and foliage indicate its past history. The pathways expand and narrow in certain portions.

Your Naples Underground Tickets Explained

Naples Underground Tickets

Super Flexible Cancellation Policy

Enjoy a Super Flexible Cancellation Policy with your Naples Underground tour by booking your tickets online. You can cancel these tickets up to 24 hours before the experience begins and get a full refund. For more information, make sure to check your details before purchasing.

What is the Best Way To Book Naples Underground Tickets? Book Online

The winding tunnels that once housed entire cities are an unmissable experience. Since Napoli Sotterranea is an important historical site, it is crawling with tourists all year round. Make sure to book your tickets well in advance to avoid missing out on trudging through tunnels underneath the city. You can book your tickets online to reserve your spot and enjoy this unique experience.

  • Convenience: With online booking systems in place, you can book a ticket easily and enjoy your tour without queuing up in long lines outside the tunnels.
  • Secure Bookings: Since online reservations are taken early, you do not have to worry about missing your attraction. Your spot will be secured.
  • Great Deals: Online bookings offer great discounts on a variety of experiences. You will also find added features like guided tours and audio guides in different languages to make your experience personal and memorable. 

Naples Underground Highlights

Naples Underground Tickets

Tuffaceous Tunnels

During the 4th century BC, the Greeks built an underground city called ‘Neapolis’ with tunnels for pathways. The tunnels of Napoli Sotterranea are carved onto yellow, tuffaceous (volcanic rock) that forms the very essence of the city. The tunnels are winding- quite narrow and pretty wide in some sections. 

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Roman waterways

The Graeco-Roman tunnels were used to store water in the past years. These aqueducts kept the citizens of ‘Neapolis’ hydrated for centuries. Sewer tunnels, rainwater harvesting cisterns, and water caverns are common sightings inside the tunnels. Experts speculate that it is because of such long water accumulations, foliage has grown in some of them. 

Naples Underground Tickets

Graeco-Roman Theater

The Graeco-Roman theater that connects to the Napoli Sotterranea tunnels was once used by Emperor Nero as his private dressing room. The marvelous architecture dating back to the 1st century BC gives a clear idea about the audience positions, stage location, and other elements in plays.

Naples Underground Tickets

Forgotten War Relics

The underground tunnel networks were used as a bomb shelter during the Second World War. There are many bunk beds, forgotten weapons and war machineries inside these tunnel labyrinths. The most noteworthy highlight about the Napoli Sotterranea is how it evolved with time from being waterways and cisterns to housing bunker beds for citizens, and now an important exploration site for historians and tourists alike.

Naples Underground Tickets

Hypogeum Gardens

The warm temperatures and humidity inside the tunnels coupled with accumulated water from those cisterns have grown some interesting foliage down the depths of the ground. There is an entire vegetable garden down there, called the Hypogeum Gardens, that was established during Expo Milano, 2015, “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, with the sole motive of checking if plants can grow in such inhospitable conditions.

Plan Your Visit to Naples Underground

Getting There
Visitor Tips
Naples Underground Tickets
  • English Excursions
    Daily except for Thursday: 10 AM, 12 PM, 2 PM, 4 PM, & 6 PM. 
    Thursday: 9 PM (minimum 10 people)
  • Italian Excursions
    Daily except for Thursday: 10 AM to 6 PM.
    Thursday: 9 PM (minimum 10 people)
  • National Holidays (incl Sat and Sun): before 9:30 AM or after 6:30 PM.

Duration of Visit: The Guided Naples Underground tours last for one hour and 30 minutes.

Best Time to Visit: The month of May is one of the best times to visit Naples as the weather gets warmer and there is barely any rainfall. 

Naples Underground Tickets

Address: Piazza San Gaetano, 68. 

Find on Maps

  • By Bus: Take a bus from either of these routes- 02-NA, 151, 168 to reach Naples Underground. 
    Nearest Stop: Nicotera or Piazza Carolina
  • By Train: Take a train from the Naples Garibaldi station (Line 1) to Toledo and walk until Naples Underground.
    Nearest Stop: Toledo
  • By Metro: Line1 and Line 2 metro lines reach Naples Underground.
    Nearest Stop: Dante on Line 1. 
  • By Car: You can grab a car or taxi to reach Napoli Sotterranea. It will be a 10 minute walk from the parking spots. 
    Nearest Stop: Duomo, Piazza Cavour, or Corso Umberto parking spaces
Naples Underground Tickets

Toilets: There are free public toilets right before the entrance. 

Photography: Yes, you can take pictures inside the Naples Underground tunnels. 

Bilingual Guides: The Naples Underground Guides Tours allow you to choose either an English or an Italian-speaking guide. 

Accessibility: The long, winding tunnels are not suitable for wheelchair users.

Naples Underground Tickets
  • Royal Palace of Naples The Royal Palace of Naples, commonly known as Palazzo Reale has several intricate objects, tapestries, frescoes, and rooms in Baroque and Rococo styles. The Royal Chapel and Throne Room are two unmissable attractions of this palace. 
  • Pompeii Ruins The Mount Vesuvius eruption around 79 AD blanketed a town, Pompeii in a thick coat of volcanic ash. Villa dei Misteri, The House of the Tragic Poet, The Temple of Isis, and The Temple of Apollo are the highlights of this attraction. 
  • Herculaneum Another victim of the Mount Vesuvius eruption, the Herculaneum is much smaller than Pompeii but no less grand. Several excavation projects over the years have granted it the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Royal Palace of Caserta The Royal Palace of Caserta is the largest palace in the world. With intricate porcelain sculptures, art galleries, a grand staircase, and a Palatine Chapel, reminiscent of the Bourbon kingdom, the palace is grander than the grandest. 
Naples Underground Tickets
  • What To Wear: Make sure to wear comfortable clothes that would not mind a tear as you have to squeeze through some really thin pathways. The Naples Underground tour involves a lot of walking and some places may have accumulated water, so wear comfortable, closed shoes. 
  • Temperature: The temperatures inside the tunnels sometimes get quite cold, so carry a light jacket or cardigan. 
  • Health Issues: This trip is not suitable for pregnant women or people with heart problems or other serious medical conditions. 
  • Know Before You Go: If you are claustrophobic, you may find the Naples Underground tunnels really uncomfortable.
  • Tips For Babies: It is advised that you carry your baby in a stroller. 
  • Service Animal: Service animals are allowed to be a part of this tour. 
  • Wheelchair: The tunnels are not suitable for travelers in wheelchairs. 
  • Your Experience: You will be given modern-day, battery-powered candles for ease of exploration. 

All Your Questions About Naples Underground Answered

Q. Can I buy Naples Underground tickets online?

A. Yes, the Naples Underground Tickets are available online.

Q. What is the best way to buy Naples Underground tickets?

A. It is best to buy the Naples Underground tickets online. 

Q. Is there any discount on Naples Underground tickets?

A. Buy Napoli Sotterranea tickets online to enjoy great discounts. 

Q. How long is the Naples Underground Tour?

The Naples Underground Tour lasts for about an hour and a half to two hours. 

Q. Where is Naples Underground located?

The Napoli Sotterranea is located on Piazza San Gaetano, 68.

Q. What are the timings to visit Naples Underground?

The Naples Underground tunnels are open from 10 am to 6 pm every day. 

Q. What is the best way to reach Naples Underground?

A. The best way to travel to Napoli Sotterranea is to take the metro or train from Line 1 and get down at the nearest spot- Dante (metro) or Toledo (train).

Q. What is there to see in the Naples Underground?

The Napoli Sotterranea are a collection of tunnels that are the remains of an ancient Greek city called ‘Neapolis’, that later became safety chambers during World War II bombings.

Q. Is photography allowed inside the Naples Underground?

Yes, photography is allowed inside Napoli Sotterranea. 

Q. Is the Naples Underground wheelchair accessible?

No, the tunnels inside Naples Underground are not wheelchair accessible.

Q. What is the best time to visit the Naples Underground?

The month of May with warm temperatures and no rainfall is the best time to visit Naples Underground. 

Q. What are some attractions near Napoli Sotterranea?

A. The Royal Palace of Naples is only a few minutes from the tunnels. The Royal Palace of Caserta, Herculaneum, and Pompeii is an hour or so away.

Q. Will I have breathing problems inside the tunnels?

A. The tunnels are quite congested in some areas, but you can always come up mid-way if you feel uncomfortable.